Cognition 2.0 Release

Posted on: 2018-01-19

Cognition 2.0 Release

Posted on: 2018-01-19

A new horizon to Tutoring with the release of the latest version of Cognition. Stackworx was involved again in making sure the technology behind Cognition is build to the best standards and we made some interresting upgrades and changes you can read more about below.

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From the press release

From the press release

“Our mission with creating this app was to connect students and tutors in the most convenient way
possible and in so doing, we wanted to not only assist in improving the levels of education in the countries
we are present in, but also provide stable part-time incomes to thousands of capable and willing
individuals who previously were unable to ply their skillset” said Cognition co-founder and MD, Kyle

Now with version 2.0, the app has expanded its offering from only Grade 4 – Grade 12 subjects, to
include university subjects and driving lessons.

Kyle adds, “The addition of university level subjects is huge for the South African market. With ongoing
protest action in all major universities around the country, it is important for students to be able to keep up
to date and on top of their studies. Driving lessons are the first of many, non-academic services we will be
adding and makes it easier for young and old to take the leap to being more mobile and independent”

What we changed and implemented

What we changed and implemented

Added GraphQL

We migrated the client network layer to GraphQL for improved performance and seamless future migrations allowing us to support multiple app versions through a single endpoint.


Migrated dev instances over to Kubernetes to test as a new infrastructure alternative.

New Monitoring

Implemented live metric tracking to observe changes and get better alerts on unexpected behaviour so we can catch problems and bottlenecks early on.

Code Cleanups

Refactoring of some legacy screens to take advantage of the new GraphQL API layer.

Ciaran Liedeman, the app’s software architect and Technical Director of, points out the importance of technology and platforms such as this for the growth of the economy in any country.

“By making it easier to learn, not only a set syllabus but skills like driving, it empowers students to conveniently and cost effectively acquire knowledge that will hopefully help them to forge a career for themselves. It also helps tutors, who are often university students or teachers, supplement their income and improve their quality of life”.

The possibilities and potential for technology such is this is boundless and offers massive opportunity to
consumers and service providers alike.

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